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Golf Cart Horns

Golf Cart Horns

Horns are an important part of golf carts, as they are used to alert other players and pedestrians of the cart's presence. Horns come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be powered by either 12-volt or 24-volt batteries. Most horns are made from durable plastic or metal, and some feature a waterproof design for added protection. Many horns also come with mounting hardware for easy installation on the golf cart. Finally, some horns even feature adjustable volume settings so you can choose the right sound level for your needs.

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What are Horns?

Horns are a part of a golf cart that produces a loud sound when activated. They are typically used to alert other golfers or pedestrians of the cart's presence. Horns can be either mechanical or electronic, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Types of Horns

Mechanical horns are the most common type of horn used on golf carts. These horns use an air compressor to create sound waves that travel through the air. Electronic horns, on the other hand, use an electric current to create sound waves. Both types of horns can be found in various shapes and sizes.


Installing a horn on a golf cart is relatively simple. Most mechanical horns require only basic tools and some wiring knowledge, while electronic horns may require more complex wiring skills. It is important to read the instructions carefully before attempting to install any type of horn.


Maintaining a horn is relatively easy as well. Mechanical horns should be checked regularly for any signs of wear or damage, while electronic horns should be checked for any signs of corrosion or damage to the wiring. It is also important to make sure that all connections are secure and that all wires are properly insulated.

Horns are an important part of any golf cart, as they provide an audible warning for other players and pedestrians on the course. There are two main types of horns available: mechanical and electronic, both of which require some installation and maintenance knowledge in order to ensure proper functioning. With proper care and maintenance, these parts can last for many years.